Monday, 8 March 2021

Happy 8th Birthday Polly

It is eight years since my fabulous big girl bounced into the world. Polly was the most beautiful chunky golden puppy, destined to become my constant companion at just seven weeks of age...

As anyone who has read our earlier blog posts will know, Polly has taught me much about a dog's needs over the years. We have walked many miles together in all manner of meanings and each step shared, has been an important life lesson learned... live in the moment, enjoy life's small sniffs, rainy days eventually turn to sunshine, avoid head on collisions, share snuggles often, shake off stress, listen carefully, protect your loved ones, trust, make sure your bark is always worse than your bite, play like no one is watching ... and of course, love unconditionally.

After re reading my last post, I realise I haven't updated you on the outcome of Polly's surgery. Sorry! Thankfully that worrisome lump was nothing more than a benign fatty lump. That was such a huge relief! 

Last year was a gentle reminder to us to bear in mind that, much as I wish they would slow down, the years are ticking by and despite Poll's eagerness to play like a puppy and happily, a good general level of fitness, I find myself more cautious about the terrain she races over these days and have stopped her from leaping over things when possible, in an effort not to trigger that joint injury again. The problem with her leg at the begining of the year took quite a while to recover from, followed by a painful bout of cystitis and then of course with that nasty lump removal, 2020 was rather challenging healthwise at times for my girl. 

This photograph was taken on Polly's 8th birthday walk yesterday. As you can see, she is currently in fine fettle and full of smiles!

Eight years of loyalty, mud, barks, sticks, stinky teddies, zoomies and the very best of life lessons. I have never for a single moment regretted the day this wonderful girl came into my life.

Happy Birthday to you Poll xxx

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